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September 18, 2018 2 min read

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You always wanted to be able to do a 180 with your BMX bike?Then watch out nowRyan Taylor's new video on the Collective Bikes Youtube channel!

Ryan is back in London and uses his new BMX bike, RT1 for this trick. You can do the 180 degree trick everywhere you want and it is suitable for beginners. Ryan shows you how to bring the previous trick from the last video to the next level. So check out how to do a bunny hop on a BMX bike before if you have not seen it yet!


The trick is explained step by step in three parts so everyone can easily learn it. First step is similar with doing a bunny hop. Then there is the turning process, where you have to get used to the rotation.


Step two is to stand firmly on your feet and then be ready to paddle backwards. Now there is step three, after you have learned to ride backwards quite easily. If the pedals are the same height you have to turn the bike again by 180 degree. Now you are able to do the 180!


After you've learned the trick, Ryan shows you a little bit more of the RT1 in action and how the trick look like if you practiced a lot. At the end you can see how Jake100 is doing the 180 too.


Finally he leaves us with a preview of the new bike C100 from Jake100 which is available soon! Stay tuned and be curious about the next how to video from Collective!



Check the video out here: