Collective Bikes 20" BMX Wheel Set Black

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Need a new set of wheels for your BMX Bike without breaking the bank? Look no further.
With the Collective Bikes wheel set we offer a great deal without compromising on quality. Receive a complete package with new tyres and inner tubes included, everything you need to get you rolling.
Wheel Set Straight From Our C1
Front wheel: 
- 10mm axle
- Semi sealed bearings
- 36 spoke
- Strong Alloy rim
- Collective Bikes Black Tyre and Tube included
Rear Wheel:
- 12 and 14mm Axle to fit all BMX Bikes using special spacers
- Semi Sealed Bearings
- 9T Cassette Driver Right Hand Drive (RHD)
- 36 spoke
- Strong Alloy Rim
- Collective Bikes DSI Black Tyre and Tube included