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Collective Bikes Custom BMX Bikes for Zoella and PointlessBlogs

CollectiveBikes is working on a program to bring BMX to the masses, and shine a light on the sport.

We're doing this by making custom made, personalised Collective Bikes BMX's for people who are in the spotlight on social media.

The first 2 of the 10 Custom bikes we'll be revealing and working on throughout 2018 went to Youtube Stars, Zoella and boyfriend Alfie from PointlessBlogs! This is huge with s combined following of over 20 Million people on Youtube alone. 

Watch Alfie speak on his new ride, Ryan Taylor and all Collective Bikes in this Vlog on his channel!

How to Drop In with Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor brings you a new series to the Collective Bikes youtube channel. Bringing you a new 'How To' video every week so that you can learn how to ride step by step!

Make sure to subscribe to the Collective Bikes youtube channel to keep up to date on all content!

We'll be dropping new how to videos and comparison videos weekly!

Ryan Taylor reveals RT1 Frame and BMX Range for 2018

Ryan Taylor reveals RT1 Frame and BMX Range for 2018

When the deal was made with Ryan to take on CollectiveBikes, he made it clear he was passionate about finally making a Signature range of products properly, previously he was limited to freedom and control when working with brands such as Mafia Bikes and Hyper Bike Co.

We was messing around in a bar in London one day and agreed that a Ryan Taylor Signature series would be on the agenda moving into 2018! Ryan was picking his brains all evening trying to think of a cool name for the range. 

One of the guys involved with collective shouted "Yo...


Summer is coming up quicker than ever, and you need a new BMX Bike ... 

Make sure to grab yourself a new ride with a Collective Bikes C1, at

Grab your mates and spend your summer holidays shredding around on your BMX Bike. 

It'll be your best summer ever! we promise! 

Enjoy BMX This summer... ride BMX!

Your First BMX Bike! - CollectiveBikes Journey

One of my family friends called Ella, who regularly comes to the skatepark to watch me ride and take photos etc. Was really interested in learning the basics of riding a BMX Bike at the Skatepark so she could ride with me.

A week later she had ordered her first cheap entry level BMX bike from us here at CollectiveBikes and has committed to learning how to ride!

After grabbing herself and awesome CollectiveBikes C1 in Raw we decided to do something with an idea we had for a video series on youtube

We have taken this great opportunity to follow...