Ryan Taylor's New BMX Brand Collective Bikes

November 13, 2017 1 min read

Ryan Taylor is one of the biggest names in BMX today, not only because of his presence in the BMX industry, but because of his own route into mainstream media and reaching new audiences that wouldn't have been exposed to BMX without Ryan.


But Ryan has always had it set that he wanted to be part of a BMX brand that wasn't run by cooperate rules or people that we're too BMX audience focused. But to do it the RT way... and this is why Ryan found a home in Collective Bikes, a place where he has invested, and become CEO of. and now has full control over! which in tale will bring bikes underneath more people than ever before and begin to expose BMX to the masses for what it really is, FUN!


The all new entry level bike from Collective Bikes, Certified by Ryan Taylor..